Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 Update from Brazil

Elder Evans with French copy of Book of Mormon

Froot Loops and Tang - All is right with the world

Elder Evans and Elder Silva with Junior

Chalkboard full of things that Elder Evans misses from Kansas

So is anyone updating my blog or posting a link to my letters on my facebook? I want more of my friends to email or write me.

First off. Holy Crap, Madison Margaret Evans is turning 18 this week??????????????????? Just yesterday you were my little sister in kindergarten and now you are 18? And going to graduate high school and going to college? Não acredito. I don't believe it. Happy birthday Madi, hope you get that pony and the lifesize barbie doll and the furby that you've always wanted ;)

Well, this week we had a miracle. Mark one more baptism and confirmation for the church here in Maricá. Junior the haitian was baptized and confirmed Saturday and then Sunday this week. It was really awesome. So if you don't remember, Junior moved here to Brasil a little over a year ago with his cousin. He started to work at a meat production factory here in Maricá and that's basically it. We found him one night at about 8:40 PM doing our mandatory street contacts on the plaza. He was alone listening to music when Elder Silva contacted him and since then we've taught him everything, his portuguese has improved and he has definitely felt the spirit speaking to him. He speaks portuguese at about the level I did my first day of the MTC, after a year of living in Brasil, so we really became some of his only friends here. He's come to church the past three sundays and he has been Reading the french book of mórmon that we got for him.

So what I've learned through this week is that even when a week is rough, or a month, or a transfer, there's nothing better than the joy that you get when you get the chance to participate in bringing a soul unto Christ. It all becomes Worth it in the end.

A quick update on everything. I hope I get my package tomorrow. We have President interviews tomorrow and if it's there, I'll get it. Did you guys send it to the Rua Dois de Dezembro address? because that is the right one to send it to.

My health is doing good. Only about once a day do I get the squirts, so we are improving, and that also means I don't have any major parasites yet. woo!

My companion is doing fine too. 

I hope all is good for you guys, I enjoyed the updates from Mom and Dad. Congrats on being announced Regional Manager Pops. I guess we can just call you Michael Scott now.

Love you all, say hi to my friends for me and tell them to write me,

Elder Evans

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