Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MTC Week 4
August 6, 2013

This week went by crazy fast. And I only have 2 more weeks here. It's coming up quick. I'm starting to get pretty nervous about entering the real world and leaving this bubble of spiritual seclusion. Especially since I'll most likely get my reassignement next friday. If I don't get my VISA by then. VISAs have been coming like crazy this last week. it's good news. I know of 4 missionaries that got their VISAs through the LA consulate even. It made me feel a little bit more optimistic. There was one elder in my district who got his last Wednesday i think, and he left for the airport this morning along with I think over 20 other missionaries that got their VISAS last week, including Elder Phipps! So if I had been able to do my paperwork in Kansas I would have probably got my VISA too. That was a bummer, but I got over it, kinda. Not much happened this week besides all that commotion. I have been trying to work hard and FSL, (Fala Sua Lingua, Speak your language). We started teaching our other teacher now too, so we have 2 progressing investigators and we do TRC every Friday morning. We also will start to be investigators for other companionships in our district, and teach each other. So it'll be a busy last 2 weeks, but I have never not been busy here. And I don't expect to never not be busy for the rest of the next two years.
Keep praying and wishing upon stars that I'll get my VISA quickly! I am dying for it! I know that I'll get it sometime, I'd like that sometime to be soon, though. That's awesome that your promotion covers a little bit more than the payments for my mission. The Lord is looking out for you guys back home just as much as He's looking out for me. It sounds like everybody is staying busy and working hard. It's crazy to think that summer is almost over! Good luck to Madi and Ethan in school and I hope everything goes smoothly for you Landon as you get back to Provo and go to school. Theres actually a possibility that I could get reassigned to the Provo mission in 2 weeks. That would be sweet. That's actually the mission that I want to go to haha. Keep sending me mail and stuff! Good luck in Omaha Dad! Good luck as manager Mom!
Love you all!

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