Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Week in Texas

Hello Fam and friends, So I have like no time so this might be a quick email, but I'll include the best story of the week for ya'll. I hope you got all the info and pictures from President and Sister Crawford, they were supposed to email you some pictures of me and my comps and stuff. So I am in a trio with my trainer Elder Memea and Elder Wright. Memea is from Hawaii and Wright is from South Carolina, and we are in Vidor, Texas. Look it up. I am in the boonies, trailer homes, wild dogs, broken down cars sitting in lawns and beer cans on the side of the rode, but all in all it's a great place. You should check it out. So I got off the plane in Houston and the President and Sister were there to pick us all up and we were waiting for our bags. We waited and waited and I got my smaller bag with a bunch of misc. things in it, but my huge suitcase with literally all my clothing but the suit that I was wearing in it never came down the chute onto the claim circle thing. I was getting worried, and nervous and we eventually had to talk to the baggage people who would send it to the mission home in Kingwood, Texas once it came in (they let us know that it was in Dallas still.). So we left and we went through that day and the morning of the next with orientation stuff and lessons and everything, and then we had transfer meeting where I met my comps and soon after drove about an hour and half out to Vidor. I was told by the APs that they would drive it out as soon as they got it. So Wednesday I just wore the same clothes that I had for the 3rd day in a row, and we ride bikes mostly out here. Wednesday evening Pres. called and said that the airport called and they wouldn't have it until Thursday morning. We waited for it and everything but we had a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday and It never showed up. That night I got a call from Pres and he told me this "Elder Evans, guess where your bag is right now? It's on a flight back from Seoul, South Korea!" So that was a fun bit of information. My suitcase was sent all the way to South Korea and back. That's pretty neat. It was an interesting week only having the one pair of underwear and pants and shirt and tie. It was a sweaty week too. haha. We are having a baptism this Thursday! It's with a 17 yr. old kid named Tyler. He is a cool guy and the missionaries have been working with him for a long time. The only reason that he wasn't baptized earlier is that he used to be and still kind of is, very afraid of water. But we've been meeting him at a member's pool with an adult member who goes in with him and helps him overcome that fear. But it's awesome to see how much progress he has made and it's going to happen for real on Thursday! I'm excited for it! We are teaching several other people and a couple of other great families and hopefully they can all overcome the struggles that have and everything. The Book of Mormon is true and everybody needs to read it and pray about it. JUST DO IT. That's about all I have time for right now. The rest of the stories will just have to wait for 2 years until I get home! Love, Elder Evans Here's the address to my apartment! (We live in a member's home) 6282 Woodridge Drive Orange, Texas 77632

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