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Saturday, July 19, 2014

And......It's over! The World Cup and other things.

July 14, 2014
Belford Roxo

Dear Family and Friends,

The subject is in relation to several things now.

First, the world cup. Thank goodness that it's all over. It was a really cool experience to be here for the cup, but it was also getting super annoying to work and be a missionary here.

Second, my time in Belford Roxo. We had transfers TODAY. I am going to Cabo Frio, which is closish to Maric√°. I'm wicked excited to go back over to that side of Rio. everything is chiller over there. Way less violence (yay for mom!), and there isn't as much poverty. Sadly I had to leave Elder Montoya and only got to do one half of his training, but I am going to be training again! Already on my second mission son. And I am opening an area (They are splitting the existing area into 2). And I am also the new District Leader there! So many things happening all at once! I'm excited for the change. It'll be a lot of hard work, but I'm excited to go get it done. I get my new newbie tomorrow, and I'll get off to my new area and get to work.

Lastly, we had a baptism, yesterday! It was awesome! C is a super awesome investigator that really was a miracle. She stopped smoking completely in 2 weeks! She read half of the BoM in 2 weeks as well. She was so well prepared for the moment that we started to teach her. We found her by teaching her son, who was a contact on the street! It was a lot of hard work for us, but we never gave up. It was very hard to get her to baptism, but we literally went there every day and we called her nonstop, we wrote her cards to bring to work so she could have spiritual strength while stopping smoking. It was really a struggle against Satan, but we came out on top. It was my last day in that area as well. I'll miss the people of Belford Roxo for sure. The city, not as much haha!

I hope everyone is great. I don't have pics this week, I'm sleeping in Botafogo and my camera is packed up for right now. I love all of you and have a great week!

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