Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Purple Belford

June 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

What a long week full of trains, buses, subways, and walking! This week was a little different than normal because my comp is new in Brasil, so we had to go to Flamengo where the mission office is on the Largo Do Machado (a big plaza) so that he could go to the Polícia Federal with some of the other hispanic newbies. I enjoyed my time waiting at the office with the assistants and secretaries. We had a pretty fun day on last Monday. 

Tuesday, like I think that I mentioned, was our Pday last week. because of the Brasil game in the Cup. Just like today too, we have to spend the entire day indoors at our house on Brasil game days. For the best too, it can get a little crazy.  

Thursday we had a very spiritual experience at zone conference. It was the last time that we'll see President and Sister Lima, until after the mission. They both had plenty of inspiring words to share with us. I learned a lot about the things that I need to do better and really about the things that all of us need to get better at being disciples of Christ. It was a really sad night when President gave his last talk to us and bore his powerful testimony. He and Sister Lima are amazing people and I can't wait to get to see him every year at BYU when he has to come up to Salt Lake for General Conference. But that also means that this week will be an interesting week when our new President arrives on Friday.

We have an awesome week planned out. We are going to do a lot of work to make up for this past week that we didn't have the time for, plus we keep on meeting more and more prepared people to teach and bring to church. We planned out an open house for the chapel here with the ward that we are going to do on Wednesday, and we are hoping and praying that we can have lots of visitors at the church on Wednesday night.

 I love this work, and I love Brasil. I hope all of you are seeking to have your own missionary experiences wherever you find yourself.

Thanks for all of the support back home and I hope that everything continues to go well for all of you.

Elder Evans

 Me and 3 of my comps.

The original District 220, at least some of us!

 Reunited and it feels so good... Elder Mountain (My very first companion) finally made it to Brasil 6 weeks ago. Thursday was the first time that I'd seen him in almost a year now. 

The mission family tree. Me and my son with my dad and my brother and his sons. 

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