Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 18, 2014 New Companion for Elder Evans

Rio Das Ostras
November 18, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 

Only 5 more transfers until I step through those pearly white doors of the airplane!  It's sneaking up on me. I'm getting close to my last 6 months. 

We had transfers yesterday, that's why I am writing today. I stayed here in my area Rio das Ostras, but sadly Elder Call was transferred. I really really enjoyed being his comp. We were bummed that it ended after all the awesome work that we did together here in this area. But my new companion is Elder Luque from Ecuador! Landon, you had a companion from Ecuador too didn't you? He is really cool too! He is super excited and funny and full of energy, which is good because I'm tired like all the time. I'm old. He is 18 and this is only his 4th transfer. We´re still zone leaders here in the Cabo Frio zone.

Last week was a good week! On Monday we got to see some sights and I got to buy some presents for everyone. The next step and obstacle will be getting it in the mail to everyone. But I'll figure it out. I took pictures of Rio and have some pictures to send home today. I'm doing well.

This last week we also had a baptism! L- was baptized after a good time of waiting. He is a friend of a young man in the ward and he has been coming to seminary for months and come to the church several times too. He was supposed to be baptized before I even got here, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it. But we challenged him again and he felt that it was right this time. He was super happy after the baptism and confirmation. His mom came to the church to watch it all too and we are going to work with her to be baptized too. Even young men can do missionary work. They are both Ethan´s age. 

I've been most of this week in the bus making the trip to Rio and back. We had mission counsel on Tuesday and we had to come back Wednesday and then on Sunday night we got the bus again for transfers and came back yesterday. It's a 4 ish hour trip each time. It's been rough. But I'm getting rested and I'm excited for all the baptisms that we are going to have before Christmas! 

I love all of you and hope you all have a good week!

Elder Call and I in front of the Arcos da Lapa

Baptism of L- (Left). E-baptized him (right)

 District 221 at transfers. Sister Tingey is going home tomorrow for school. We are starting to die. 

Me on the escadaria de selaron

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