Elder Alex Evans has been called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. He reports on July 10th, 2013, and will serve for a period of two years.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Extras...from Aug 4, 2014

Cabo Frio
August 4, 2014

So the ward's area is massive. There are over 600 people on the ward list, but 160ish are active. But the ward has 2 "groups" that meet in other cities for sacrament meeting as well.
One in Araruama, which missionaries are opening right now, which will be a branch here in a few months.
The other is a smaller group in a city called B├║zios to the north of cabo frio, it's a rich touristy town.
Church starts at 3 PM here. It's the latest that I've ever had church, but as a missionary it's nice. If I was a normal person I would not like to have church so late on Sunday. 


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