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Friday, May 8, 2015

April 13, 2015 Quem é? (Who is it?)

April 13, 2015
Anil, Jacarepaguá

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a mix of great and bad, but for me it balanced out towards great. It seemed like there was some kind of curse over everyone in our area this week. Everyone was tired and depressed and sad and nobody wanted to do anything. It even was starting to get at us, but we powered through with faith and we were able to complete some of our goals for the week.

The best part was we had another baptism! We are now 4 weeks straight in our area. We are doing our best to keep them coming. It is our mission goal to baptize weekly, and I'm finally being able to reach this goal. It's good to baptize. This week was C. We have created a young mens organization in this ward. 3 months ago there was 1 active young man in the whole ward. Now we have about 9 that come and 5 baptized. The bishop told us that this was what he needed us to do, so we are teaching about 20 youth per week, and we are teaching most of their families too.

Sunday was a hard day in our ward, but also something super cool happened! First off, there was about half of the normal attendance at church today. Nobody knows what happened or why nobody was at church. We were waiting for some more investigators to show up when we saw from the second floor window a woman who we didn't recognize, and that didn't look very brasilian, enter the front gate. We went downstairs to greet her and I could hear her speaking english. When I we got downstairs she turned to us and I immediately recognized who it was. Lindsay Stirling! She just happened to show up for our sacrament meeting. How cool is that?! I spoke with her a little before and after the meeting and took a picture with her. She is pretty legit. She had a show here in Rio on Saturday as a part of a South American Tour that she is doing. It was funny because almost no one else knew who she was.

I am doing well. Hope yall are prepping yourselves for my homecoming party here in a few weeks! 


Elder Evans

Lindsay Sterling and Elder Evans

Rubix Cube Boss!

C's Baptism

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