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Friday, May 8, 2015

When you give me authorization like that....

March 23, 2015
Vila São Luis
Dear Family and Friends,

This week was one of the best I've had on my mission. A lot of things happened to us this week. A lot. 

Monday and Tuesday morning I wasn't feeling too good. I don't know why or what, but I didn't feel like even working. But on Tuesday morning I asked for a blessing from my companion and from that moment onward, only miracles have happened in our area. Tuesday I left our house feeling great. As we walked past a street, I felt an impression that I had to go on that street because somebody was waiting for us. We had appointments so we went to our first lesson, but our second one fell through.
We went back to that street and we walked and the whole time I was just looking out for the person that was waiting for us. We did some contacts and knocked a door or two, but it just wasn't it. We then passed by a corner and there was an eternal investigator of ours sitting there, and she had boughten us lunch that same day too. We kept on not thinking much, but then we both just stopped and decided to go back and thank her for our lunch. While thanking her we asked her for a referral and she told us to pass by her sister's house who lives underneath her. That was it! We couldn't go that same day, or on Wednesday because my comp started to throw up.
Thursday comes around I get a call from one of the assistents asking about how many baptisms my zone is going to have this week and I told him that I was trying to get one for me at least. He then gave me a special authorization that I could baptize people who had never even gone to church, as long as they still passed the interview and such, obviously. When he said that we caught fire. We quickly planned our day to go and invite all of our investigators to be baptized on that Saturday.
The first place that we were led to was this referral. After some more things happened, we got into her house, we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invited her to be baptized Saturday and she accepted without a single doubt or hesitation. We explained more about the baptism and the interview and gave her some things to study for that day and we went back on Friday to resume all the lessons and interview her and in the end we baptized G and her 8 year old daughter L Saturday night. She was soooo ready to receive the gospel. She was just waiting for this moment. That goes in my record book of fastest baptism. I met her, taught her for just 15 minutes, and in 2 days she was baptized and Sunday was confirmed. And they had never been to church. I feel like one of those missionaries from back in the day who just baptized people on the spot.
Definitely a week to remember.

Besides them we have an amazing new family that we are teaching. We met them on Friday, they are also a referral from member, and they came to church on Sunday asking to be baptized. The two parents, M and C, will have to wait because they aren't married legally yet, but the two kids, S and T, are going to be baptized ASAP. T asked me at church when his baptism was going to be, I told him that we are going to do everything possible for it to be this Saturday. Showzão.

Church was full. We had 9 investigators there. Things are definitely getting better for us. Good week.

Sounds like yall had fun in Vegas. Keep enjoying life!


Elder Evans

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